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Add your name ahead of the all-Wales Roll Out.

No credit card or bank details are needed to register for membership.

Sign up for an account with the form below. For approval, your application will be assessed to verify you are an SME based in Wales. We’ll be in touch soon to learn more about your business and how the Celyn can help you.

Once approved you’ll be able to use the Celyn web app and the Celyn mobile app to trade with other SMEs in your area and beyond in Wales. We’ll do this by giving you Celyn credits to buy products and services from other businesses in the Celyn circuit - saving your cash for other requirements.  

In our first phase, it is free to join. Mutual credit systems like this which are successfully helping businesses elsewhere in the world charge a fee, though it’s much less than the costs of loan finance. After our initial phase, for early adopters, we expect to charge a fee. 

Until then, joining the CELYN will be free!

Why are we doing this? Well firstly, the initial phase is publically funded, and secondly, we'll be asking you, CELYN members, to provide customer feedback and patience as we grow a network of businesses to trade with.  Free membership right now is our commitment to building the CELYN with you.

  • For the first 100 who join you will receive three free years of CELYN membership even after the first phase
  • For the second 100 who join you will receive two years of CELYN membership after the first phase
  • For the third 100 who join you will receive one year of CELYN membership after the first phase

To sign up and take advantage of this offer, please fill in the form below and we’ll get in touch.